Top things to do in Vilnius

Top 5 things to do in Vilnius

We present you with a top things to do in Vilnius – Vilnius top 5

 1. Vilnius walking tour – explore Vilnius Old Town by foot.

Vilnius tour

Vilnius tour

The best way to explore Vilnius Old Town is by foot, because the city is really walkable. The old town explores different architectural styles – Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque etc. Sometimes Vilnius is called the city of churches because there are so many of them here. You should definitely visit Gothic St. Anne’s Church. Did you know that when Napoleon came to Vilnius, he said: ‘I wish to take this church and move it to Paris’? And it is just one of the many beautiful old buildings in Vilnius. Vilnius walking tour is one of the top things to do in Vilnius.

Moreover, you should explore Cathedral Square, climb up the Gediminas Tower right by the square. From Gediminas Tower you can the whole Vilnius Old Town. It is stunning!

What’s more, classical Vilnius Town Hall might be a place of interest, and Gates of Dawn nearby. The place is full of interesting historic monuments, shops and restaurants.

We suggest taking Vilnius Old Town tour, during which you can see all the famous and popular places during two hours walk. Explore the best of Vilnius now!

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2. Try traditional Lithuanian foods and drinks – ‘Cepelinai’ and Vilnius beer tour.

Top things to do in Vilnius


When in Vilnius, you should definitely try traditional Lithuanian food ‘Cepelinai’ or potato dumplings with meat and onions. They are usually served with sour cream and bits of bacon.

Moreover, Lithuanian beer is really good, crispy and fresh. From white and dark beers to traditional ales. It has won many international awards during the years, so Vilnius beer tour a must! And it perfectly goes with ‘Cepelinai’ dish.

There are many nice restaurants in Vilnius Old Town to choose from for traditional dishes, and pubs for tasting traditional Lithuanian beer.



3. Trakai castle tour

Trip to Trakai

Trakai castle

A historic lake resort of Trakai Island Castle lies 28 km west of Vilnius, or half an hour ride from Vilnius.

Trakai Island Castle is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture. You can go on the island, and explore the old Trakai castle. However, the best way to explore is by sailing around the Trakai Island Castle with a boat!

When in Trakai, you should definitely try ‘Kibinai’, traditional pastries filled with lamb meat and onion and traditional Lithuanian beer. There is a good choice of restaurants and pubs near Trakai castle.

In the summertime, there are many interesting events, concerts and festivals happening there, so it is worth taking a look when in Vilnius! All in all, Trakai castle tour is a good pick.



4. Vilnius bar crawl – Vilnius nightlife guide

Explore Vilnius nightlife by taking Vilnius bar crawl! A bar tour usually takes around three hours, and you visit really cool and interesting bars and clubs in Vilnius Old town.

As long as the central Vilnius is really walkable, you can take Vilnius nightlife tour, and visit interesting places all over the town by foot. From traditional local pubs to more clubby venues, cocktail bars and beer gardens.

Furthermore, meet other locals and tourists, try traditional Lithuanian drinks, have your big night out in Vilnius! Thus Vilnius bar crawl is great if you want to explore the nightlife.


5. Take a hot air balloon flight in Vilnius

Top things to do in Vilnius

Hot air balloon Vilnius

The best way to see Vilnius and countryside is by taking a hot air balloon flight. One hour journey will get you the best sights and thrilling experiences!

Whether you are visiting with family or friends, or have a company business meetings in Vilnius, hot air ballooning in Vilnius is a really popular activity. Leave your earthly troubles on earth, and explore Lithuania with a glass of champagne in hand.