Vilnius night walking tour

from/per person 15.00
  • Night time


Vilnius night walking tour

Just like day-time walking tour, we provide Vilnius night walking tour for you and your friends or colleagues. It is always great to see the city at night, as it looks completely different and amazing! During a few hours walk at late evening, you can see and explore Vilnius nightlife, its architectural heritage.

Therefore, during our Vilnius night tour visit the most famous and prominent places in Vilnius Old Town. It includes all of the best Vilnius architecture – churches, squares and old buildings from the medieval ages. In the night-time it looks really different and most of the architectural heritage, like churches are night-lit. It is really worth going for the experience!

Therefore, we include in our Vilnius night tour great panoramic spots, so you can see the city from above. Vilnius looks really beautiful and different at night. Whether you are with your friends or family visiting Vilnius, it is a great to have a few hours walk at night to unwind and do some sightseeing, and make some great pictures too!

During the Vilnius night walking tour, you will also get advice on interesting shops, restaurants and bars in Vilnius Old Town. We sometimes also do some coffee/beer stops in interesting and authentic places and venues in Vilnius Old Town, but it is more common for private tours.


  • All year round
  • Tour takes 2 hours
  • English speaking guide
  • Stops in pubs for a coffee/beer break if requested
  • Prices start from 15 € pp
  • A lot of fun guaranteed!
  • Book now via mobile +370 647 39 414 – Vilnius Old Town night tours.
Vilnius night tour

Vilnius night tour

Vilnius at night

Vilnius at night

Vilnius sightseeing at night

Sightseeing at night