Fun things to do in Lithuania

Fun things to do in Lithuania

Where is a little country called Lithuania located? Lithuania is situated between Russia and Europe, in Northern Europe near the Baltic sea.  The country presents us with some unique greenery sights, many lakes, unique Vilnius Old Town architecture and good Lithuanian beer. There are many fun tours and activities, however, this time we present you with the truly local ideas of fun things to do in Lithuania!

Explore Lithuanian seaside all year round

Fun things to do in Lithuania

Lithuanian seaside

Ever heard of that? Yes, Lithuania shares a 90 km long Baltic seashore with the other northern countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia etc. Explore the best of it, go for the weekend to one of the unique seaside Lithuanian towns like Nida or Juodkrantė. Therefore, only 4 hours drive from Vilnius, it is a perfect fit for the weekend. Therefore, a hiking trip along the Baltic seaside might be a great idea, as long as we have truly amazing and peaceful beaches. Have a 20 km walk along the Curonian Spit and clear your mind! Afterwards, try traditional Lithuanian herbal teas to make you feel relaxed and peaceful.

Grab a beer in Peronas or the Beer Library

Fun things to do in Lithuania

Peronas (photo by

Vilnius nightlife? Yes, there’s a lot check out when you are in Vilnius! Go grab a beer in ‘Peronas’, eccentric and lively bar located literally at the Vilnius main train station (Geležinkelio street 6).  Moreover, try local Lithuanian beers and watch the trains pass by! The trains always arrive at your station. The question is which one to take? On the other hand, visit Beer Library bar (Trakų street 4), and try local Lithuanian beers, white and dark, local drafts in a cosy atmosphere. Finally, if you want to get the best of it, join Vilnius Bar Crawl! Contact us directly to book your Vilnius nightlife guide.

Go houby hunting in Autumn

Fun things to do in Lithuania

Fun things to do in Lithuania

Are you ready for the mushroom hunt? When rumours start to spread that mushrooms are starting to grow in the woods, Lithuanians grab buckets, get up at 6 in the morning and rush to the forests hunting for mushrooms! Try mushroom picking in the Lithuanian woods with your local Lithuanian friends preferably. Therefore, it is important to identify edible mushrooms from poisonous, and not to get lost in the forest. Traditional and popular activity in the fresh breeze is a part of our cultural heritage. Therefore, houby hunting is one of the fun things to do in Lithuania. Fresh, dried, salted or marinated, mushrooms are considered an essential element in Lithuanian cuisine. Furthermore, the most popular and the king of all mushrooms is ‘Baravykas’ (latin: Boletus). So how many of them will you pick up?


Have a ride outside Vilnius and explore Europos Parkas

Fun things to do in Lithuania

Europos Parkas

Take a few hours break and explore Europos Parkas located only 20 min from the capital Vilnius. The unique park of sculptures and monuments surrounded by forest covers 50 hectares of  an open-air museum.  Furthermore, it is also referred to as the geographical centre of Europe. You can have an hour walk around the forest and in the fresh air exploring some of the most bizarre sculptures or monuments from more than 90 international artists.

Techno or Blues?

Fun things to do in Lithuania

Fun things to do in Lithuania

Ever heard of Supynes music festival? Berlin’s calling, so get yourself ready for the best electronic music artists, like Ben Klock or Ryan Elliott. In 2015, Resident Advisor featured Supynes summer music festival as 4th best electronic music festival in the world to visit in June! Located in the picturesque Lithuanian countryside, the festival presents us with the quality electronic music and interesting workshops. On the other hand, Bliuzo Naktys (Blues nights) is one of the oldest Lithuanian music festivals, and this year it celebrated 25th anniversary. If you are more into blues or country music, tick up your calendar and visit Bliuzo Naktys summer music festival – ‘hippy atmosphere, relaxed visitors, and the feeling of peace and love, floating in the air, makes everyone feel like one big and happy family.’

Go camping to Asveja Regional Park in Summer

Fun things to do in Vilnius

Camping in Asveja Regional Park

Asveja Regional Park offers the most unique nature sights to explore when in Lithuania, located only two hours drive from the capital Vilnius. Therefore, the largest and most interesting lakes include Asveja, which is 22 km long, or other lakes like Balušai, Viranglis, Ilgis,  Žvernas etc. Moreover, campsites are at nearly every lake. Therefore, take your tent and mosquito sprays and go camping over the night! Camping is one of those fun things to do in Lithuania in summer months.  There’s nothing more relaxing than the campfire near the lake, those romantic sunsets and warm summer evenings!

Just grab a coffee and stroll around Vilnius Old Town

Vilnius tour

Vilnius walks

Grab a take away coffee and have a walk around Vilnius Old Town. You can start from the Cathedral square, climb up the Gediminas Tower while it is still there! From the tower enjoy the panoramic views of Vilnius. Bernardinai Garden next to the Cathedral Square, a small park where you can unwind and relax. Furthermore, take a stroll along Maironio street and in a minute you will reach beautiful Gothic church – St. Anne’s Church. To your left you can explore Užupis, the central area of Vilnius Old Town, sometimes referred to as the community of artists and free spirits. Therefore, to your right, you have Vilnius Old Town, so go wander!