Real Russian Banya

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Real Russian Banya tours in Lithuania

Are ready for the real ‘Russian Banya’ experience in Lithuanian countryside? Therefore, temperatures often exceed 90 degrees Celsius and honey and other natural remedies are used. Real Russian Banya tours in Lithuania is a great weekend activity if you want to recharge your batteries.

In short, the word for the ‘Russian Banya’ in Lithuanian is ‘Pirtis’. Therefore, ‘Pirtis’ is a sauna with lots of steam and moist air. Furthermore, water is poured over the hot river stones which are heated to 700 degrees Celsius, that’s how you create the real sauna experience. Additionally, you wear special banya hats during the session. Thus you get 100 % of humidity, and your body starts to breathe.

To begin with, there are many advantages of going to real ‘Russian Banya’ or ‘Pirtis’ regularly. First, it increases your body’s temperature, raises your blood pressure, and makes everything inside move faster. Second, sweating allows us to filter all the bad toxins in our skin and body parts. Shortly, your skin starts to breath and you feel like a newborn after the session. In order to better understand Lithuanian culture and ways, straight after the sauna’s heat room you can plunge into the cold lake or pond.

During our Russian Banya tour in Lithuania, we are making traditional grill after our sauna session near the lake or pond. Furthermore, you can try traditional Lithuanian beers, and traditionally grilled Lithuanian meats. It is a perfect activity if you want to get out of the city, sweat yourself out, and have a relaxing time in the nature. Perfect activity to recharge your batteries!


  • All year round
  • Activity takes 5-6 hours
  • Transfers
  • English speaking guide
  • Grilled steak and traditional Lithuanian beer tasting
  • A lot of fresh air and beautiful nature
  • Prices start from 35 € pp
  • Book now via mobile +370 647 39 414 – Lithuanian real ‘Russian Banya’ tour.
real Russian Banya

Real Russian Banya

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